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Death Grips

About a week ago, experimental hip hop band Death Grips released a new track off their forthcoming album “The Money Store”, which will be the first of two albums to be released this year. They also announced that they are now officially signed to Epic Records. As always in these, dare I say ‘success stories’, some people don’t like it. Some say that Death Grips sold out. But I say “Get Got” is a tasty, tasty track that leaves me eagerly waiting in anticipation for what Stefan Burnett, Andy Morin and the incredibly exciting Zach Hill plan to release over the course of this year (under the guise of their new all powerful leaders of course). Check it out.


Ralph Lauren Spring (Autumn) 2012

Ralph Lauren recently released his Spring 2012 line, which is great if you happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere. For everyone living in Australia (especially us poor Canberra folk with the relentless rain) we may have to deal with the impending cold as autumn is upon us, but we can at least look good. The Denim & Supply Spring 2012 collection is inspired by nautical adventurers and the laid-back bohemian look, kinda like casual retro, and is offering up another solid mix of product. The denim’s delivered in an array of softly washed colours and textures in a palette of ivory and indigo, while other pieces such as lightweight knits, bleached fleece and distressed outerwear add to the nautical theme of the collection. Its rugged meets relaxed. Adding promis­ing up and comer Ham­pus Lück to last season’s cast of models with Chris­t­ian Brylle, Randy Lebeau and Thi­ago San­tos, the lineup is per­fectly por­trayed with an arti­san touch. From soft washed fab­rics and a stealth nau­ti­cal motif to an eclec­tic array of sep­a­rates, Denim & Sup­ply exe­cutes a relaxed col­lec­tion of smart pieces. It just looks fucken great. And that’s all that matters

Sheridan Butler

21-year-old Sheridan is a cool chick. She always look like choosing her clothes for any occasion is an effortless process. Basically a home grown Canberra girl, we love her casual laid-back-style, its like a California girl attitude right here in the National Capital. Sheridan has recently started a clothing line – Imogen Daisy Vintage, and we can’t wait to see where she takes it in the future.

Are there any style icons that inspire you? 

Jessica Hart has got gypsy-rocker down and she has the best collection of old band t-shirts that I love. Edie Sedgwick has that little-girl-lost, eclectic-junkie look. She is to me the original IT girl- so fragile and damaged but so confident through her only creative outlet that wasn’t diminished by Andy Warhol. She was naturally an artist and her style shows that. Frida Kahlo’s self portraits make me happy. They possess a feeling created by the colours used and her expression. They are simple pictures that tell stories and there is a beautiful art to that. Just like fashion can show a lot about someone.

Do you also find inspiration in other areas such as music or art?

I get a lot of inspiration for styling through music and poetry- the words accompanied by a melody paint a picture in my head; especially if they are about someone I can relate to and I can imagine a scene they would be in and what they would be expressing through what they wear.

Do you have any favourite designers or stores? Which ones and why?

I never shop at designer stores but there are a few chain stores that I can’t walk past like Sportsgirl and American Apparel.

Why did you decide to start Imogen Daisy Vintage?

I had an ever growing section of my wardrobe with vintage pieces that I had fallen in love with but never wore. A friend of mine always wanted to use them for a photo shoot so it sort of all fell into place. I now love the creative process of finding items that ‘imogen daisy’ would wear, putting them in a photographic scene that I hope inspires. It is a creative outlet for me that I am happy for others to see and get involved with.

Wedges or stilettos? 

Wedges… or cons or vans.

Gold or silver ? 

Silver with turquoise.

Earrings or necklaces?

Necklaces. I always wear my hair out and there is a whole lot of it so there is no point in wearing earrings. However I actually miss hoops being socially acceptable and instead I feel that I will be called Shaniqua if I wear mine. Actually, I’m going to take that risk.

Is there a way to be fashionable without a whole lot of cash? Do you have any tips for this, any stores where you always find steals?

I never spend more that about eighty dollars on one item. There are pieces in my wardrobe that are typically me and quite rare and I find that if I pair that with something generic and cheap but very in then it always looks ‘fashionable’. I think thats what Cotton On was invented for. Generic stuff will be out of style next season so there is no point spending too much on it, but if you ever find a piece that has your name all over it then it is timeless on you. I always find bargains at op shops obviously. The smaller ones are usually better too for some reason and you don’t get frustrated while searching. Fash’n’Treasure in Canberra is a great place to find cheap and unique things. Sportsgirl sales are the best and I always find bargains there.

Fav music at the moment?

Laura Marling and Lana Del Rey feel like my kindred spirits at the moment. My brother lent me an album by The Vines that is fun to drive to. As always the Kooks, Ben Harper and Red Hot chilli Peppers are making me smile. But I always fall asleep to No Surprises by RadioHead.

What’s one thing you think everyone should know about you?

I’m completely happy just after doing creative things. I’m completely unhappy when people don’t like my card tricks.




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