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Death Grips

About a week ago, experimental hip hop band Death Grips released a new track off their forthcoming album “The Money Store”, which will be the first of two albums to be released this year. They also announced that they are now officially signed to Epic Records. As always in these, dare I say ‘success stories’, some people don’t like it. Some say that Death Grips sold out. But I say “Get Got” is a tasty, tasty track that leaves me eagerly waiting in anticipation for what Stefan Burnett, Andy Morin and the incredibly exciting Zach Hill plan to release over the course of this year (under the guise of their new all powerful leaders of course). Check it out.



Burial’s most recent Ep ‘Kindred’ reminds us all of how immersive electronic music can be. As the genre has recently developed a scene mostly concerned about making the loudest, fist pumping friendly anthems or the hardest hitting, stomach turning, wobbly drops that audio frequencies allow, it’s good to know that electronic music can still be tasty. And it is tasty. Real tasty.